Life and Business Coaching


In 2009 I trained as a professional life and business coach. Coaching groups and individuals, from many different backgrounds and industries, has worked alongside and enhanced my making and creating as an artist. As a naturally curious person with a resistence to definitive answers coaching has provided a doorway to discover unforeseen opportunities that have changed my own life and the lives of others.

"There is much contemporary talk about the idea of mindfulness within both academic
and cultural thought. Such longings for spaces of reflection,
engagement and presence, result from a reaction to the ever intensifying
and demanding context of economic reductionism. To a world in which
individual worth is found in the economic market;
and time is driven by productive output.
Thankfully, this is not so in the work and life of Carla Moss."
Dr Chris Erskine


What others say I do:
Help people to slow down, tap into a different part of themselves and be mindful and present.
Provide time that gives space for ideas and solutions to problems to come to fruition
Allow creative insights to occur

What I can offer you:
Space and time to think, reflect on and consider a current life reality
A mirror to think differently about a present situation
I believe you hold the answers to your questions and can help you find them

What does it look like?
One to one sessions: face to face or on the phone or skype
It can be a coffee in a cafe or a walk in the countryside.
Sessions available for teams as well as individuals.

I can offer a framework to our meeting or the space can be yours to create.
I can provide thinking tools or no tools. Each session is tailored to be unique for you.

For a quote, please contact me with more details about your requirements.
Free taster sessions available. or 07968 223754
Individual circumstances considered.


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